Who We Are

For more than 20 years, VeriCheck has been helping businesses accept traditional and non-traditional forms of payment. By providing the tools to easily verify and accept payments,prevent fraud, and recover monies in a worst-case scenario, we serve merchants large and small, virtual and traditional, nation-wide!

We are experts in alternative payment methods. With nearly 23 billion ACH transactions taking place last year, it’s clear that many customers desire an alternative to paying with plastic. We make it easy for businesses to serve this growing market by accepting payments directly from a customer’s bank account – both electronic and traditional check processes.

For one low price, each business customer of ours receives a multi-functional Merchant Console, which is capable of serving all of an organization’s dynamic processing and reporting needs.

Inside each Merchant Console, VeriCheck provides:

  • Pre-designed Securely Hosted Payment Forms
  • A Dynamic Virtual Payment Terminal
  • A Customer Database – For storing sensitive customer information and creating recurring payment cycles
  • A Transaction Manager
  • A Full-featured, Real-time Reports Generator
VeriCheck’s knowledgeable staff is comprised of business owners who themselves understand the world of a software developer. So, we “get” the benefits of ACH payment processing from a well-rounded point of view. Maybe that’s why developers consistently thank us for making their job so easy!

Let us show you why VeriCheck is a leading ACH payment processor, and help your business benefit from diversifying your payment acceptance options. It’s easy!