Payment Processing API for ACH and eCheck

Our API helps developers easily integrate ACH and eCheck payment processing functionality directly into their software, website, or application.

Vericheck offers the following methods of integration:

NMI Payment Gateway

VeriCheck’s NMI Payment Gateway is one of the most sought-after integration portals today. There are multiple ways to incorporate the payment gateway within a website or mobile device. These options vary based upon ease of integration, required resources, features, and additional security. The Developer solutions below can accommodate any payment integration need:

Leverage the simplest integration method for both web-based, non-web-based and mobile, non-web-based payment applications, tokenization to minimize PCI-compliance footprint.Read More
Get access to a detailed stream of transaction data to create in-house reports and analytics.Read More
Simplify and streamline link creation for products and services on e-commerce websites. Merchants can also leverage out-of-the-box shopping cart integrations.Read More

USAePay Payment Gateway

Vericheck’s USAePay is a Level 1 PCI compliant payment gateway and is a state-of-the-art payment platform for processing all major credit cards and ACH transactions. It has been our gateway partner for over 15 years and has helped our clients develop innovative payment solutions using their vast array of development libraries. The Developer solutions below can accommodate any payment integration need:

USAePay’s ePayment form allows merchants to accept payments via securely hosted website with the simple click of a button.Read More
You can connect to the USAePay gateway directly through a form or CGI running on the merchant’s web-server.Read More
USAePay has developed a comprehensive Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) interface API which provides a standard web service interface that gives developers all the tools they need to use the gateway within their applications.Read More
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VeriCheck REST API

Our REST API is provided for larger partner integrations and is a simple alternative to SOAP and WSDL-based Web services for payment functionality. RESTful systems typically communicate over HTTP with the same verbs (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc.) used by web browsers to retrieve web pages and send data to remote servers.

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