Since eCommerce emerged as the big player in the retail shopping world, credit cards have been the primary form of payment for merchants. Unfortunately, credit cards come with numerous drawbacks for the merchant, including fraud, theft, and processing costs that create unneeded headaches and inefficiencies. ACH (Automated Clearing House) is a payment-processing option that allows eCommerce retailers to deduct the purchase price directly from the bank account of a customer without the customer having or providing a credit card number. Data shows that more than 24 billion ACH electronic payments are passed through millions of portals every day, totaling more than $41 trillion in transactions a year, and that number is still growing.

ACH can help maximize all payment processes with a complete, cost-effective transaction processing solutions integrated into a website’s infrastructure and security tools to ensure fast, reliable and secure transmission of funds. VeriCheck’s ACH solutions provide flexibility to design a customized solution for companies, websites and sales volumes of all sizes.

Who Does VeriCheck Assist in the eCommerce Industry?
VeriCheck’s custom ACH integration allows companies that sell products and services online, or through any combination of online, brick-and-mortar or mail order/telephone channels, to integrate an ACH solution directly into a website payment portal to securely streamline payments.

VeriCheck uses proven efficiency and industry expertise to provide valuable solutions for payment processing in the retail industry. We work with the following entities:

  • Internet-based retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Telephone or mail order retailers
  • Membership organizations

How Does VeriCheck Benefit eCommerce Companies?
VeriCheck’s ACH and eCheck payment processing is designed to seamlessly and securely transfer funds to keep the most important piece of business moving. By processing payments through ACH, online retailers have greater control over payments and are able to increase payment accuracy, improve forecasting and access funds with greater speed and visibility.

With ACH, payments are usually processed immediately providing the opportunity for retailers to ship items faster.

Benefits for companies in the eCommerce industry include:

  • Process orders faster to meet customer expectations
  • Streamlined receivables
  • Improved office efficiency and functionality
  • Reduced loss due to risk or chargebacks
  • Less paperwork
  • Improved customer service

One of the most frequent reasons given by consumers for not purchasing online is the fear of personal information falling into the wrong hands. In partnership with the NACHA, we are committed to providing a secure way to purchase online through ACH payment processing.

What Services Does VeriCheck Offer?

With an ACH payment processing solution, you can simply debit your customer’s bank account for any payments. We help businesses of every size reduce the time and money spent on payment collection. Whether you are a Fortune 50 corporation or a small business, VeriCheck’s solutions are guaranteed to save you time and money.

Online retailers benefit from our comprehensive offerings, including:

  • Custom API for simple integration to existing software
  • Payment assurance
  • Set up customers on automatic payment plans by using the recurring billing feature
  • Store customer and payment information in a secure and compliant web database
  • Ability to accept ACH payments and eChecks
  • Enable customers to pay on the website or by phone
  • Set up customized access control to allow customized views for each user under a single account

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