The Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) is an electronic payment, delivery system that processes electronically originated credit and debit transfers for institutions nationwide.Learn More

Point of Sale Check Processing

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) refers to the process of making bank deposits without having to go to the bank. VeriCheck’s RDC solutions enable users to deposit checks, money orders, or coupons remotely to any bank account at any institution right from their business with no additional certification costs. Merchants experience faster availability of funds, convenience, more efficient business processes, an improved carbon footprint, and improved risk mitigation.
How does Remote Deposit Capture work?
Items are scanned into the system using an approved scanner, where their images are captured and converted into the appropriate file type. Information from the check is automatically pulled into the device/software and is then submitted to be processed.


Vericheck provides integrated software solutions for a myriad of industry types like tax collection, medical billing, and many others. See our Industries page for more details.

Recurring Billing

Setting up customers for recurring or subscription billing is easy with VeriCheck. Simply enter in the customer’s payment information, billing frequency, and the date you want the billing to occur inside of the customer profile. Our system will automatically bill the customer accordingly and deposit the funds into your bank account.

With Recurring Billing, you can:

  • View recurring payment history and future payment dates
  • View real-time payment reports
  • Apply changes to billing amounts within the recurring billing system
  • Enhance flexibility for your customers hassle-free
  • Store sensitive customer payment information in our top-tier secure and compliant online system, not on a local machine

Virtual Terminal / Console

Easily enter in customer account and routing information into your completely online payment terminal—no need to download or buy any software! In the console, you will find payment forms, a customer database, a transaction manager, and a full-featured real-time reports generator. Don’t want to check the console often? You also have the option to receive an email every time a customer makes a payment.

ACH Payment Form

You will be able to easily create a secure website payment form that meets strict industry security and compliance mandates. Your business will have the option of creating its own page to securely send transactions, or using our website payment form generator that will host a payment page on our secure servers.

Form Generator

With the form generator, you have the ability to customize the look for the form and choose the required fields. Check out an example payment page that was created using our form generator: Example Payment Form. Once the page has been generated, customers can easily make payments to your business 24/7 without any further effort.





**VeriCheck Inc. does not provide stand alone verification services, which includes call in check verification.
**Verification of check items are provided as part of our complete processing solution.