Responsible for reaching out to customers to collect payment for outstanding balances. Acts as the liaison between creditors and customers and manages overdue accounts.
– Collect payments on outstanding balances.
– Create and manage a list of people who have not made payments.
– Organize list according to severity of delinquency.
– Locate customers using credit bureau information, background checks, loan documents, and other paperwork or databases.
– Call customers using telephone.
– Utilize computer systems to handle skip tracing.
– Inform clients of overdue accounts and amount currently owed.
– Attempt to collect payment.
– Review payment contract terms.
– Ensure all customer information is correct, including phone numbers and addresses.
– Listen to customer’s story and determine if debt can be collected.
– Set up repayment plans.
– Offer advice or refer customers to debt counselors.
– Record new commitment to repay debt.
– Initiate repossession proceedings or hand over account to law practice that specializes in debt collection, when necessary.
– Purge records if debt has been satisfied.
– Follow federal and state laws dealing with debt collection.
– Print reports for management.
– Purge records from deceased persons.