ACH and eCheck Payment Processing

Approximately 175 million Americans have a checking account. ACH Payments allow you to capture more initiated sales by enabling customers to pay the easiest way—directly through their bank accounts in a safe, secure, and simple process.

What is ACH?

The Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) is an electronic payment delivery system that processes credit and debit transfers for institutions nationwide. ACH Payments are processed using a customer’s bank account information to deduct funds directly from a checking or savings account to pay for goods or services. It is a popular and efficient alternative to traditional credit card or paper check processing.
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Why ACH and eCheck Processing?

ACH transactions offer many benefits and advantages over traditional paper checks or credit/debit cards.

Problems with Traditional Check Payments

  • Require time and effort to write and deposit
  • Carry risk of lost, stolen, or late checks
  • Require postage expenses
  • Require administration and operation expenses to process
  • Carry risk of check fraud and stop payment charges

Problems with Credit/Debit Card Payments

  • More expensive to establish, operate and maintain
  • Credit/debit cards and PayPal demand higher rates
  • Not ideal for recurring or subscription payments
  • Limited percentage of the market compared to ACH