Featured Industries We Serve

We provide business solutions for a variety of industries, below is a sampling of our industry-specific solutions. If your business type is not reflected in the industries featured below, contact us to learn how we can customize an ACH processing solution for you

VeriCheck’s custom integration allows lenders, dealers, shops and more to connect the electronic payment delivery system directly into existing automotive financing software and management systems to streamline operations and collections.Read More
VeriCheck’s ACH payment processing options allows charitable organizations to maximize their revenue opportunities and provide a convenient avenue to make donations, in a safe and secure way. Read More
VeriCheck’s ACH solutions can help maximize all payment processes with a complete, cost-effective transaction processing solutions integrated into a website’s infrastructure and security tools to ensure fast, reliable and secure transmission of funds..Read More
Use our system to automatically bill your students weekly, monthly, or by any other schedule that works for your customers and your business.Read More
VeriCheck provides healthcare payment solutions to hundreds of clients who need the ability to collect payments. Our system provides ACH and eCheck functionality that will enable healthcare companies to draft funds directly out of checking and savings accounts (credit card capability is possible also).Read More
VeriCheck’s ACH solutions enables insurance companies to effectively manage risk and debit payment directly from the policyholder’s bank account, while integrating a custom solution with existing software.Read More
VeriCheck knows that growing customers, managing costs and mitigating risks is key to managing performance.  VeriCheck’s custom solutions are designed to help manufacturing and processing companies keep business reliably moving forward.Read More
VeriCheck offers parking facility owners and operators faster payment initiatives through ACH to streamline the collection due process and offer commuters a safe, convenient and secure way to pay their monthly parking permit fees.Read More
VeriCheck’s custom solutions for pension funds are ideal for contributors, lump-sum or rollover distributions because it provides streamlined operations for each distributor and peace of mind for each contributor.Read More
Whether your company is on a retainer or paid by the hour, VeriCheck’s ACH payment processing solutions are the easiest and most effective ways to get paid for your services.Read More
VeriCheck provides payment management solutions to property management organizations and property management software solution providers.Read More
Point-of-Sale Check and ACH Payment Processing for State Departments, Municipalities, Institutions and other Government Organizations. VeriCheck works with states, government bodies, and municipalities in providing point-of-sale check processing.Read More
VeriCheck provides payment solutions to educational institutions all across the country! Our solutions are currently in place in thousands of schools across the united states both public and private.Read More