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When Do I Get My Money ?

One of the most important and frequent questions that merchants ask regarding their ACH transactions is simply “when do I get my money?”  The best way to keep on top of your finances is to understand how your own “funding cycle” works, so that when you have completed an ACH transaction you will already know […]

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E-Checks vs Paper Checks


Paper Checks

Ease of Use

Online Accounting System

Shorter Waiting Period

Accepted at Cash Register

Less Trips to the bank

Increased Security

E-Checks (better known as ACH) are the electronic version of paper checks. E-Checks can be used, with prior authorization, to process payments online using a gateway.

Paper Checks are the outdated, physical form of checks that clients fill out and […]

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Accept eCheck Payments with VeriCheck®
Give your customers the option to pay with their account and routing information. Our system gives you the option to initiate both one-time and recurring payments against your customer’s checking or savings accounts.

With VeriCheck it is simple! Log in to our online portal and either initiate transactions through the virtual terminal […]

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Check and ACH Processing Reselling Partner Opportunity

VeriCheck Reseller Program
If you are in the Credit Card business, Collections, Communications, Law, Sales or Marketing fields, personally or as a corporation you can become an affiliate of VeriCheck at no cost. On a full or part-time basis, you can build an additional or main stream of income with our solid and proven business solution!
VeriCheck has […]

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ACH and eCheck Billing Through QuickBooks®

VeriCheck provides a direct integration into QuickBooks® software through our parter Fi-Softthat allows users to seamlessly integrate their accounting and payment processing systems.
Send customers invoices directly from QuickBooks with a pay option built into the invoice. Customers would be able to pay invoices with ease and payments show up in QuickBooks so relationships can be easily […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Consider ACH for your Business

There are many reasons why a business should consider adding ACH capability to their portfolio of  payment processing instruments and in this article I intend to highlight the top 10 reasons.
Before I begin, I will provide a brief introduction to the ACH system…
The ACH (Automated Clearing House) network provides electronic clearing of payments for participating […]

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VeriCheck® Check Scanner

VeriCheck® can meet ALL of your check scanning wants and needs! We provide low volume and high volume equipment and programs for businesses who are interested in streamlining their receivables, improving operations, saving money, and improving the environment.

We have the lowest price points in the industry when it comes to Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) processing. […]

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Open ACH and Check Processing API for Third Party Application Development and Integration

Are you a developer who is creating a website, software application, smart phone app, new platform, or gateway? VeriCheck provides the most dynamic check processing integration capability available.

We have been helping developers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and gateways process ACH and check payments for several years with our API and open source platform. PayPal and credit cards […]

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Electronic Payments are King

Change has been brewing in both the way businesses collect payments from customers, and how customers prefer to pay for goods and services. A study that was recently released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, highlights changes that have been happening in the alternatives to cash payments scene.
The current study details emerging trends in […]

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Law Firms and The ACH

One industry in particular that can gain a competitive advantage amongst competitors by utilizing an ACH program, is the legal and litigation industry.
Many law firms already utilize the ACH system and dozens more are converting their operations and streamlining the way they do business everyday.
Some of the great uses of ACH systems for law firms […]

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