These reason codes are used by the paying Financial Institution from where the item was drawn, when a Check 21 transaction is returned. The returned item was originally processed by the P.O.S. The return reason code for a particular item is listed on the Debit Voucher Report (SF5515).

Return Code
A. Not Sufficient Funds
B Uncollected Funds Hold
C Stop Payment
D Closed Account
E Unable to Locate Account
F Frozen/Blocked Account
G Stale Dated
H Post Dated
I Endorsement Missing
J Endorsement Irregular
K Signature (s) Missing
L Signature(s) Irregular
M Non Cash Item
N Altered/Fictitious Item
O Unable to Process
P Item Exceeded Dollar Limit
Q Not Authorized
R Branch/Account Sold
S Refer to Maker
T Stop Payment Suspect
U Unusable Image
V Image Fails Security Check
W Cannot Determine Account