The VeriCheck® Check Guarantee program for qualified merchants will enhance sales!

Our Check Guarantee program eliminates the risk of accepting checks.

For merchants who utilize our check guarantee service and work within the program guidelines, VeriCheck will guarantee your funds!

Check Guarantee

  •  No more embarrassing moments while verifying account information with banks.
  •  A “Keep it simple” information format for processing approvals.
  •  Accept checks from anywhere in the US.
  •  Speedier checkout times
  •  Protection against NSF and fraudulent checks.
  •  VeriCheck Guarantee eliminates the hassle of returned checks.
  •  You will be reimbursed for all returned checks within the specified time.
  •  Reduces trips to the bank for check deposits

Having VeriCheck® Check Guarantee allows you to never have to worry about bad check writers again. VeriCheck® guarantees the full amount of any check it approves, as long as all of our easy requirements have been followed at the point of sale.  Businesses that use the VeriCheck® Check Guarantee service can accept low numbered, out of town, and even out of state checks with confidence that they will be paid for the amount of any check that VeriCheck® has approved.

VeriCheck® reduces merchants’ risks when they accept checks, while providing an easy, hassle free payment option. With the VeriCheck® Check Guarantee service you can increase your business’s profitability.  Merchant’s who use the VeriCheck® service don’t have to waste any of their valuable time or money chasing bad check writers. It pays to have the peace of mind of knowing that when VeriCheck® approves your customer’s check you know it will be good, because VeriCheck® guarantees it.

VeriCheck®’s Check Guarantee program allows you to authorize and accept checks by running them through a check scanner at the point-of-sale. Verified checks are converted into electronic transactions and deposited directly into your specified bank account. If there are any problems with the accepted check, VeriCheck® will pay you the face value of the accepted check and going after the customer is our responsibility.

Sign up Now with the VeriCheck Check Guarantee program, or contact us today and eliminate the risk associated with check acceptance!

Accepted checks are sent to our online system for storage and can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week once approved. Reproduced images of the front and back of the check are stored securely online for a minimum of 2 years.

Merchant’s are required to post signage at the point-of-sale informing customers that their accounts will be electronically debited for funds and in the case of any returns, their accounts will be subsequently debited until funds are collected.