E-Checks Paper Checks
Ease of Use
Online Accounting System
Shorter Waiting Period
Accepted at Cash Register
Less Trips to the bank
Increased Security

E-Checks (better known as ACH) are the electronic version of paper checks. E-Checks can be used, with prior authorization, to process payments online using a gateway.

Paper Checks are the outdated, physical form of checks that clients fill out and use to process payments.

An E-Check works similarly as a Paper Check by debiting money directly from a bank account. The delay in waiting for paper checks through snail mail is eliminated, hence adding efficiency to the accounts receivable process.


Considerations when processing payments through E-Checks:

  • 3-5 business day waiting period for funding
  • Risk of insufficient funds (NSF)
  • Risk of Chargebacks
  • Risk of Check Kiting


VeriCheck added value:

  • For merchants, VeriCheck provides a Tier 1 Customer Support Phone line for your customers.
  • VeriCheck offers check verification tactics, where we will run the E-check against a negative database, of historical client data. This will  raise a red flag with any customer that may have had prior issues regarding check payments.
  • Check Guarantee: VeriCheck will provide recovery services to collect on unprocessed payments.