VeriCheck provides medical billing solutions to hundreds of clients who need the ability to collect payments.

Our system provides ACH and eCheck functionality that will enable any medical billing operation to draft funds directly out of checking and savings accounts (credit card capability is possible also).

Customer records can easily be created and maintained inside our secure portal. We can help streamline any medical billing operation, reducing administrative costs and headaches.

Boost collections and stabilize your cash flow with our simple and easy-to-use payment system. Ask for a demo today!!

Healthcare Payments via ACH

Recent data shows that more than 6 million Healthcare Payments via ACH (ACH CCD+ payments) were processed through the ACH Network in November 2013. Healthcare Payments via ACH, which were enabled by recent NACHA Rules amendments, transferred a corresponding $27.2 billion, which amounts to an average of $4,406 per payment transaction.