MagTek® Excella™ Bulk Scanner

Excella™ Bulk Scanner

Auto-feed. Fast. Flexible

Dual-sided scanning for complete image
capture of both sides of the check

Printer for rear side endorsement

Automatic feeder with capacity for up to
70 checks

Automatic parsing of MICR Fields:
Transit #, account #, check #

Connects to computer with USB cable

Scans 45+ checks per minute

VeriCheck Remote Deposit Capture

VeriCheck’s check scanning solutions empower
merchants to safely and securely accept check
payments from customers.

Remote Deposit Capture enables merchants to
deposit checks directly from their place of business.
Your organization saves money by reducing trips to
the bank, and also enjoys the added benefit of
VeriCheck’s instant check verification.

Simply scan your check through the Excella™ bulk
scanner with VeriCheck’s free check scanning software.
The check scanner automatically inputs the account,
routing, and check numbers.

The merchant inputs the customer’s name, the check
amount, and other optional information, hits submit –
and gets instant notication if there are any problems
with the check writer or the account!

Once the check is verified, it is submitted for
processing and funds are generally available in your
bank account by the 3rd business day!

Includes ability to resubmit NSF transactions without
additional customer approval

Excella Brochure