Are you a developer who is creating a website, software application, smart phone app, new platform, or gateway? VeriCheck provides the most dynamic check processing integration capability available.

We have been helping developers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and gateways process ACH and check payments for several years with our API and open source platform. PayPal and credit cards are expensive and in many cases offer very poor integration capability. We are the solution if you need to collect payment from customers via web, specialty software, invoice (including email invoice), telephone, fax, or even in person.

Check and ACH capabilities allow you to keep more of your own money! You no longer have to forfeit your profit margins because of hefty discount rates. Get in touch with a VeriCheck sales representative today to find out how we can streamline your receivables or provide your new idea or program with a great option to receive payments with ease! Call 866.VERICHECK or send us an inquiry through ourĀ contact form.