ACH Processing Solutions by Industry

Use our system to automatically bill your students weekly, monthly, or by any other schedule that works for your customers and your business.Read More
VeriCheck provides healthcare payment solutions to hundreds of clients who need the ability to collect payments.

Our system provides ACH and eCheck functionality that will enable healthcare companies to draft funds directly out of checking and savings accounts (credit card capability is possible also).Read More

VeriCheck® provides payment management solutions to property management organizations and property management software solution providers.Read More
VeriCheck provides payment solutions to educational institutions all across the country!

Our solutions are currently in place in thousands of schools across the united states both public and private.Read More

Point-of-Sale Check and ACH Payment Processing for State Departments, Municipalities, Institutions and other Government Organizations

VeriCheck works with states, government bodies, and municipalities in providing point-of-sale check processing.Read More