[fullwidth backgroundcolor=”” backgroundimage=”” backgroundrepeat=”no-repeat” backgroundposition=”left top” backgroundattachment=”scroll” video_webm=”” video_mp4=”” video_ogv=”” video_preview_image=”” overlay_color=”” overlay_opacity=”0.5″ video_mute=”yes” video_loop=”yes” fade=”no” bordersize=”0px” bordercolor=”” borderstyle=”” paddingtop=”20px” paddingbottom=”20px” paddingleft=”0px” paddingright=”0px” menu_anchor=”” equal_height_columns=”no” hundred_percent=”no” class=”” id=””][title size=”1″ content_align=”left” style_type=”single” sep_color=”” class=”” id=””]Accept ACH Payments and eChecks with VeriCheck®[/title][fusion_text]Whether you are a storefront or a website, you can safely accept paper checks and electronic payments from customers originating from anywhere in the U.S. with VeriCheck®. We have been around for over 20 years helping businesses accept traditional and non-traditional forms of payment. We provide the tools you need to verify and accept payments, prevent fraudulent or bad payments, and recover monies when all else fails.

VeriCheck® is a direct ACH payment and paper check processor. We help businesses around the country to collect payments from their customers through the use of our cutting edge merchant programs. With our solutions, we provide the ability for all types and sizes of businesses to transfer funds into or out of a client’s bank account.

In order to meet the needs of different business types, we equip our merchants with a complete arsenal of payment processing tools. All of the businesses who work with us are provided a Merchant Console that is multi-functional and can serve all of an organization’s dynamic processing and reporting needs.

Inside each VeriCheck® Merchant Console we provide:[/fusion_text][checklist icon=”fa-check” iconcolor=”#dd3333″ circle=”no” circlecolor=”” size=”small” class=”” id=””][li_item icon=””]Pre-Designed Payment Forms[/li_item][li_item icon=””]A Dynamic Virtual Payment Terminal[/li_item][li_item icon=””]Customer Database[/li_item][li_item icon=””]Recurring Billing Set-Up Console[/li_item][li_item icon=””]Transaction Manager[/li_item][li_item icon=””]A Full Featured real-time Reports Generator[/li_item][/checklist][fusion_text]We give our customers access to everything for one low price. With these tools, your business will have all it needs in order to process payments from customers.

You will be able to receive payments by:[/fusion_text][checklist icon=”fa-check” iconcolor=”#dd3333″ circle=”no” circlecolor=”” size=”small” class=”” id=””][li_item icon=””]Adding a payment page to your website[/li_item][li_item icon=””]Taking customer information over the phone[/li_item][li_item icon=””]Receiving customer information via fax or email[/li_item][li_item icon=””]Obtaining information from the customer in person[/li_item][/checklist][/fullwidth][tagline_box backgroundcolor=”” shadow=”no” shadowopacity=”0.7″ border=”1px” bordercolor=”” highlightposition=”top” content_alignment=”left” link=”/vci-loc/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/VeriCheck_Merchant_Agreement.pdf” linktarget=”_blank” modal=”” button_size=”” button_shape=”” button_type=”” buttoncolor=”” button=”Apply for VeriCheck®” title=”Apply for VeriCheck®” description=”We will save your business time, money, resources, and frustration.” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″ class=”” id=””]If the main payment form for your business is credit cards or if you have an eCommerce website, VeriCheck will increase your bottom line and pay for itself many times over! Our system will streamline any operation that chooses to utilize it. [/tagline_box]