VeriCheck provides payment solutions to educational institutions all across the country!

Our solutions are currently in place in thousands of schools across the united states both public and private.

We work with University systems to provide online payment capability for things like tuition and fees.

Administrative costs and efforts are drastically reduced with our system.

VeriCheck is teamed with an organization that provides easy payment options for meal and fee payment.

Currently in use in over 7,000 public schools across the country!

The solution allows the student’s parent or guardian to make a payment to the student’s account through any internet connection.

The money in the student’s account can go toward daily meals or to pay for school activities.

District/Organization Benefits

MealpayPlus® helps your district or organization reduce cash handling, increase participation and reduce the amount of time spent processing prepayments.

  • Reduce cash handling and shrinkage.
  • Increase participation—thus increasing revenue
  • Improve line speed due to pre-paid accounts
  • Minimize student balance calls to the district
  • Reduce the number of payments for the staff to process
  • Receive positive publicity because of this cutting-edge solution being offered
  • Enhance wellness programs through the MealpayPlus parental monitoring features
  • Provide these services without up-front costs. Districts or Organizations don’t have to worry about: processing costs, technical support, integration with the POS, application hosting or wire transfers
  • Comprehensive marketing program to assist districts or organization with communication to the community