ACH and eCheck Payment Processing Platform

If you are a software developer or development company who is developing a software solution that requires the ability to accept and process payments, VeriCheck can help.

Our Payment Processing Platform will allow you to integrate payment solutions directly into your application through our fully documented Payment Processing API. Whether your needs are just to send transactions directly into our system via the Transaction API or if they require working with our more dynamic SOAP Interface, any type of payment processing software integration is possible with VeriCheck.

We work with dozens of software application developers who utilize VeriCheck as their payment processing Platform as a Service

Through our API you can:

  • Create new transactions
  • Create customer records
  • Set up customers for recurring payments
  • Pull the status of transactions
  • Pull reports

Along with ACH/eCheck and credit card transactions, our system can also scan and convert physical checks through our software or any other third party software for a complete solution for the best payment processing. Contact us to learn more!