Our Program Tailored to Your Program
We are dedicated to your merchants’ diverse and ever-changing needs. That’s why we provide a payments solution, tools, merchant resources, and technical support for them. All this is paired with a partnership that adapts easily for you.
  • Competitive splits and faster payments
  • Detailed reporting to keep tabs on merchant activity
  • Proactive communications and support
  • Unique vertical solutions to fit your to your merchants’ needs
We put you in charge by offering an array of solutions and unique ways to maximize your earning potential.
  • Choose from multiple certified third-party gateways
  • Cloud-based user interface
  • Error and fraud reduction tools
  • Online reporting to visualize opportunities to scale
  • Maintain control over platform pricing
  • Select the features your merchants need
We give you solutions you can so you can integrate and deploy immediately to provide you a competitive advantage.
  • Express underwriting for our preferred partners
  • Frictionless platform on-boarding and set up
  • Off-the-shelf options with simple integrations
  • Flexible APIs help you build new experiences and accelerate your go-to-market
Why Work with VCI?
Combine our services and US-based merchant support with your sales strategy to achieve your business objective.
  • A single full-service partner with a variety of integration options and payments solutions
  • Financial incentives and preferred partnership opportunities
  • Leverage powerful solutions tailored to the evolving needs of business today
We created our proprietary online platform to improve the payments landscape and provide your merchants the options they need.
  • Diversify your offering with smart solutions and scalable technology
  • Integrate with a wide variety of shopping carts, accounting suites, and other critical business software
  • Connect with APIs for custom, seamless integration
We have 25+ years of experience working with ISOs to solving payments challenges for small &medium sized merchants. We will help you close technical and complex deals using solutions to support both you and your merchants' future needs.
  • Give your merchants the tools to improve their workflow with a long-term solution
  • As a bank-sponsored payments platform, we’re secure and able to invest in our partnerships
  • Our resources help you cultivate more business opportunities for a healthier bottom line

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