Our Program Tailored to Your Program
Enhance your software without changing your foundation. The right technology makes integration simple, so innovation is possible.
  • Developer-friendly support
  • Payment infrastructures
  • Sandbox testing
  • Completed compliance & certifications
Integrating ACH payments into your software shouldn’t leave you feeling vulnerable to risk. We know your data is valuable, and we use industry best practices to keep it protected.
  • NACHA and TPPPA certifications
  • Tokenization and Vault strategy
  • Multi-factor authentication architecture that ensures secure system access and transaction delivery
  • Layered approach to security
We’re both a processor and your technology partner. Consider us your one-stop shop for application integration, underwriting and on-boarding, and payment processing.
  • Proprietary payments platform
  • Partner portal
  • Online, white-labeled applications
  • Off-the-shelf solutions
  • Customizable products
Why Work with VCI?
We’ll make your job easier with developer-friendly APIs and toolkits that make it easy to accept payments in your existing software or website.
  • Offers single-integration access to payment processing through a simple REST API
  • Easily and quickly integrate commerce services
  • Comply with security requirements for retail, ecommerce and mobile payment solutions
We take the burden of dealing with the payment systems so you can focus on offering your clients payment acceptance and other value-added services to your existing application or website.
  • Strengthen your proposition
  • Streamline operations to expedite time to market
  • Focus on attracting clients and minimize attrition as you develop solutions to meet their business needs
We begin every partnership by collaborating on a shared vision. We share the success and drive it with our solutions.
  • Expert in-house developers and tech support
  • Dedicated concierge for your clients
  • Consultative approach from acquirer to processor to client
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