ACH Payments for Municipalities and Gov't Agencies 

People are increasingly making use of the convenience and ease of paying routine and recurring payments online, whether it is a telephone bill or estimated tax payments. Clients will experience the convenience of on-time payments debited directly from their bank account or e-checks. VeriCheck provides solutions for municipalities and government organizations that enables them to reduce payment processing fees and get paid faster. While there are many payment solution applications available, VeriCheck, Inc. (VCI), the industry leader in ACH payment processing, specializes in building custom payment solutions to streamline business operations. VCI has partnered with MUNIRevs, a tax collection software that collects millions of dollars per month for municipalities across the United States. VCI has become the preferred partner for all ACH debit payments processed through MUNIRevs.

1. About MUNIRevs & Our Partnership

MUNIRevs is the most dependable source for protected, paperless payment processing. Our platform helps municipalities eliminate 95% of the manual data entry tasks, maximize their budgets, streamline operations, and process payments safely and securely. The level of expertise and collaboration of both VCI & MUNIRevs provides companies a means to collect as much tax revenue online as possible, including property taxes, sales taxes, citations, and driver’s license fees.

This automation enhances revenue, automates deposits, and empowers each municipality to make data-driven decisions. Here are some of the many benefits of installing the MUNIRevs Platform in your municipality or government agency:

  • Business payments are automatically remitted to the jurisdiction’s bank account daily
  • Businesses remain compliant with automated reminders directly to business emails
  • Every dollar collected is reported in real-time
  • Our system can be accessed remotely
  • Our online system certifies calculations are updated in real-time to identify late fees
  • Reports and dashboards are in real-time; municipalities and government agencies instantly see how revenues compare to the prior year.
  • We eliminate the need to chase taxpayers to collect penalties or interest due
  • We identify every short-term rental ad, reconcile, and automate tax and licensing remittance for each one
  • We provide seamless rental compliance
  • Your decisions are data-driven, giving you a clear picture of your revenues

2. VCI Service – in the Public Sector

VCI delivers an integrated platform that makes it possible to process payments 24/7 through our software solutions with the highest level of safety and security for taxpayer and customer payments. We also provide you with full visibility of your payments in real-time.

3. VCI Payments Solutions Support:

  • Government Agencies and Institutions
  • Municipalities
  • State Departments
  • School Districts

VCI works with several application developers and software companies to develop solutions specific to our client’s needs that include:

  • Car Registration Payments
  • Citation/Ticket Payments
  • Driver’s License Payments
  • Property Tax Payments
  • Sales Tax Payments
  • School Lunch Payments
  • Tuition Payments

We provide you with a multi-functional Merchant Console that can serve all of an organization’s dynamic processing and reporting needs in one location. This includes:

  • Customer Database
  • Dynamic Virtual Payment Terminal
  • Full-featured, Real-time Reports Generator
  • Transaction Manager
  • Payment Processing API for ACH and e-Checks
  • Customized payment gateways based upon required resources, features, and additional security
  • Pre-designed, Securely Hosted Payment Forms
  • Turnkey Shopping Carts

To see if your agency would benefit from our new platform, contact VCI today for your free cost analysis. You can also visit our website for a live demo or fill out our online form for one of our experts to contact you.

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