ACH Payments for Fitness & Martial Arts Studios

VCI understands the demands of the fitness industry. That's why we provide the best Automated Clearing House, or ACH, payment solutions as an efficient way to manage your customer payments.

1. How Do ACH Payments Work?

When you accept ACH payments at your fitness center or martial arts business, you deduct the funds directly from the bank account of your customers. ACH payments and eChecks provide the secure payment process your members want.

This payment process is not only simple for your gym or fitness center’s members, but it is also a great solution for you as a business owner. In fact, processing monthly membership payments via ACH costs a mere fraction of the costs of a credit card transaction.

VCI offers custom ACH payment processing, which allows you to integrate a payment gateway directly on your website. This streamlines the payment process for your members.

2. Why Should Fitness Centers Consider ACH Payments?

A successful fitness studio, jiu-jitsu school, gym, or dance facility could pay up to $1,000 each month just to process credit cards. You may even charge a special fee to your members to pay with cards, which means you might be increasing your rates higher than your members are happy with.

VCI uses ACH payment solutions to make the process more flexible. Custom solutions help you create a system that is suitable for the scope of your business. A seamless payment process benefits everybody.

So, why should you choose ACH transactions for your fitness business? There are a few other benefits you should consider:

  • Simplified payment collection process
  • Ability to forecast upcoming payments and memberships
  • Reduced processing fees compared to credit card payments
  • Streamlined cash receivable process
  • Improved staff efficiency
  • Fewer chargebacks resulting in financial losses, making your business less risky
  • Less paperwork
  • Improved customer service

3. Is ACH Right For Your Fitness Business?

VCI and ACH payment processing make business much more efficient for those in the health and fitness industry. You may benefit from this system if you operate a:

  • Traditional gym
  • Pilates studio
  • Martial arts studio, including  jiu-jitsu and karate schools
  • Dance studio
  • Franchised gym or studio
  • Barre or yoga studio
  • Boot camp facility

Essentially, you can benefit from ACH solutions for payment if you charge members a regular fee and expect on-time payments. You can also easily collect ACH payments if customers find and book classes or studio time online. Members will be able to pay on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

4. So, Why Choose VCI for ACH Payments?

VCI is a great option for business owners of all types, but membership-based fitness centers see a variety of benefits.

Fitness centers specifically benefit from the custom API, creating simple integration for the software you are currently using to collect payments. You also rest easy with payment assurance and the ability to set customers up for automatic payment plans. Recurrent billing for your memberships and fitness classes has never been simpler.

The secure web database also stores customer payment information so that they do not have to worry about entering payment information each time they renew a membership or buy studio time.

VCI is a suitable payment process for martial arts studios, health clubs, fitness centers, gyms, and more. A secure, simple process makes ACH payments a breeze.

A free cost analysis can help you determine the best payment system for your business. Contact us today to learn more about improving payment processes for your business. VCI is the best ACH payment processing manager for many fitness businesses.

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