ACH for Non-Profit / Charitable Organizations

In these times, it is more important now than ever to make the most of every donation. ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment processing solutions, such as those from VeriCheck, provide Non-Profit Organizations with a way to directly deduct donations and fees from a donor's bank account, ensuring that Non-Profit Organizations are receiving as much of the donation as possible.

1. How Can VCI Cut Costs for Non Profits?

VCI’s ACH payment processing solutions are an alternative to credit card or paper checks. This means less processing time. It also means less time spent on recurring billing and invoicing. Saving time means saving money that could be spent on more important things.

With more financial transactions occurring online, the need for paper checks is diminishing. Many online entities no longer accept payment by paper check at all. Using ACH can ease the transition and make the Non-Profit Organization more efficient in the future.

Payments can be made through a payment gateway so that checks and credit card readers are no longer needed. Accepting payments in this way reduces costs.

VCI fees are nominal as opposed to traditional processing fees:

  • Paper checks cost $3-$5 to process
  • Credit card transactions can cost 1.5% to 3% of the total transaction amount
  • ACH costs only $1 per transaction

2. What Non-Profit Organizations Are Eligible?

There are many types of Non-Profit Organizations. They range from personal passion projects to international support groups. Regardless of the kind of organization, VCI can help streamline giving.

These are only some of the organizations that VCI helps:

  • Museums and cultural centers
  • Faith-based institutions
  • 501 (c)(3) non-profits
  • Fraternal beneficiary societies and associations

3. What Are ACH Payments Used For?

Donations are only one way that Non-Profit Organizations raise funds. ALS had a very successful one-time fundraiser with their “Polar Bear Plunge”. Other organizations offer monthly subscriptions. Some have online auctions. VCI can help with other these and many other types of revenue streams.

Some things that ACH Payments can streamline are:

  • Accept one-time or recurring donations
  • Collect membership fees
  • Sell merchandise online
  • Sell event tickets

4. How Does VCI's ACH Platform Benefit Non-profit Organizations?

VeriCheck’s ACH payment processing is designed to manage transactions smoothly and quickly so non-profits can better forecast funds and can focus on their core duties to support the organization’s mission.

Administration time is valuable and costly. Automated billing direct from bank accounts allows staff member time to be redirected away from processing and handling finances in order to focus on providing services and solutions.

Benefits for Non-Profit Organizations include:

  • Lower donation maintenance by 85 percent or more
  • Reduce paperwork and manual processing
  • Increase collections, cash flow and forecasting abilities
  • Streamline receivables and reduced uncertainty
  • Improve office efficiency and functionality
  • Improve donor relations

5. What Services Does VCI Offer?

VeriCheck can offer much more for Non-Profit Organizations besides ACH. Their services can be custom fit for any Non-Profit Organization be it a local cause or a world-wide service coalition.

Some of these services are:

Custom API for simple integration to existing software

  • Payment assurance
  • Set up customers on automatic payment plans by using the recurring billing feature
  • Store customer and payment information in a secure and compliant web database
  • Ability to accept ACH payments and eChecks
    Enable customers to pay on the website or by phone
  • Set up customized access control to allow customized views for each user under a single account

ACH and other services that VCI offers can substantially save Non-Profit Organizations money. It saves money that can be used for it is needs to go, supporting the mission. Contact VCI today for a live demo of how VCI can help your organization.

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