ACH Payments for Parking Facilities

Drivers worry about the security of their vehicle if they are leaving it parked for the day, even if they’ve been parking there every day for months. They don't want to walk blocks back to their car after a late night. That's why people use parking facilities – for security, for convenience and for peace of mind. Shouldn't their payment method be as secure and convenient as their parking?

1. Safe and Convenient

VCI has a range of solutions to make collecting parking fees safe and convenient for both you and your customers. For example, by using VCI’s ACH payment processing capabilities, parking facilities can let returning drivers set up automated recurring payments that minimize delays entering and exiting a facility. Drivers would no longer have to pay each time they leave the facility, instead a monthly fee would be deducted directly and securing from their bank account. Customers could have the option of paying securely online or by phone. What could be more convenient for student, apartment, office or hospital parking?

2. Improved Customer Service

With the best digital payment solutions, facility owners can offer a better customer experience. Customers can:

  • Enter and exit smoothly.
  • Choose convenient payment options.
  • Track parking fees through their bank.

Customers do not have to carry cash or cards when paying with digital solutions. Offering payment options gives customers one less thing to worry about, especially if they are regular customers that frequently utilize the parking facility.

3. Lower Operating Costs

VCI understands how time-consuming traditional payment processing can be. Cash has to be secured. Checks can be returned for insufficient funds. Then, there are the trips to the bank to make deposits. Credit or debit card payment processors charge per transaction with additional costs associated with chargebacks and disputes. All of these can seriously impact cash flow and the bottom line.

With a VCI solution, facility owners realize:

  • Simplified collections.
  • Improved cash flow.
  • Reduced loss.
  • Fewer trips to the bank.

Payments are able to be taken directly from customers’ bank accounts, freeing both owners and employees to focus on creating a better customer experience. Now parking facility managers can focus on creating a better customer experience by freeing up operational tasks associated with manually depositing payments.

4. What is VCI's ACH Solution?

ACH is a network that facilitates the electronic transfer of funds. Since it began operations in 1974, ACH processing has grown from a few thousand transactions to over 25 billion financial transactions per year in the U.S.

As a business owner or manager, you may use ACH for direct deposit of employee wages. You may have set up automated recurring payments for monthly expenses. The U.S. government also uses ACH for tax payments and refunds.

VCI is the link between a parking facility and the ACH network. We convert payment information into ACH-required formats so that funds can be transferred from the payee to the payer’s bank account. No cash, checks, or card required.

In addition, VCI’s solutions include:

  • Open REST API to build the solution into your custom program.
  • Plugins for simple integration to existing software.
  • PCI-DSS compliant database storage of consumer personal and payment information.
  • Customized control to allow multiple views under a single account.

If you’re ready to lower costs and improve customer experience with the best provider out there, contact us for a free cost analysis to see how VCI can help your business thrive.

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