ACH Payments for Professional Services Firms

Professional services companies can incur additional costs for check processing or card-based transactions. These firms are paying staff to spend hours processing multiple payment types and taking trips to the bank. Whether your company is on retainer or gets paid by the hour, VCI's ACH payment processing solutions offer one of the most cost-effective and secure ways to collect payments.

1. What is ACH Processing?

ACH is a network that facilitates the electronic transfer of funds among financial institutions in the United States. If you offer direct deposit to your employee wages, you’re using ACH. Since 1974, the ACH network has grown into the backbone of the United States’ transaction processing system. At nearly 25 billion financial transactions per year, ACH offers a secure, low-cost solution for payments across all industries.

2. VCI's ACH Solutions

VCI is the link between your business and the ACH network. It converts payment information into ACH-required formats so that funds can be transferred from the consumer’s account to a business account instantly and securely.

ACH and eCheck Processing

VCI’s ACH and eCheck solutions let customers pay directly from their bank account to yours – no third party required to hold or verify funds. You can configure these fintech solutions to allow clients to set up recurring payments, one-time online payments or pay by phone. Using the client’s banking information, funds are withdrawn from the customer’s account and deposited directly into yours using the ACH network.

Remote Data Capture

If you have clients that just have to pay by check, VCI’s Remote Deposit Capture solution lets you deposit checks to any bank account at any institution without ever leaving the office. Using an approved device, you scan the checks, then the digitized information is forwarded to the ACH network for processing.

3. Why Use VCI's ACH Solutions?

VCI’s payment solutions are designed to move transactions smoothly and quickly through the financial network to ensure more consistent cash flow. They also provide operational efficiencies through:

  • No trips to the bank.
  • Fewer returned checks.
  • Lower administrative and collection costs.
  • No per-transaction fees.
  • No filing disputes or responding to chargebacks.

Overall, ACH solutions provide your clients with convenience while lowering your operating costs. These solutions can also help with your digital transformation and improve the customer experience while delivering on operational efficiencies.

Faster Digital Transformation

Everyone talks about digital transformation as the basis for long-term survival, but making that conversion takes substantial resources. With the best solutions from VCI, you can:

  • Integrate payment processing into existing software using custom APIs.
  • Maintain comprehensive views of payment status and history.
  • Access PCI-DSS compliant personal and payment information for more targeted service.

All of these features lead to a better, more efficient customer experience.

Improved Customer Experience

Happy customers come from happy employees. Reducing the amount of time staff has to spend tediously collecting and processing payments can improve company morale. People can concentrate on what they see as crucial to the growth of the company. They don’t feel as hurried and can spend more time addressing client needs. There is less chance of:

  • Lost checks.
  • Failed card transactions.
  • Added fees for returned checks.

Any of these can lead to friction between your company and your client. VCI’s solutions can minimize the pain points of collecting payments. If you’re ready to start on your digital journey to improve customer experiences, contact us for a free cost analysis.

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