If you work with merchants or non-profits who would benefit from our services, we want to talk to you about a partnership. Some examples of our partners include:

Trade Associations

If you run an association of businesses or non-profits that could benefit from ACH processing, Check Processing, or Check Recovery then let’s talk. Let our consultative sales force provide value to businesses you know of whom our solutions would help! Our advanced, yet user friendly, systems and reporting tools add value and will create an impressive source of revenue for your association. Call today to learn more!


When your clients come to you for advise on online payments or eChecks or on how to reduce and collect on their bad checks, send them to us! We can help with both of those services and more. Your business clients will appreciate these extra services as they come to see your community bank more as a comprehensive trusted advisor. Our check recovery program is ideal for your merchants who receive paper checks. You’ll still receive fees on bad checks deposited into your accounts. After your clients agree to allow you to route them to us, you’ll also receive a piece of the NSF fee that we collect from the check writers. Call us today and let’s talk about a mutually beneficial relationship.

CPAs, or other professional advisors

Help your clients ensure that their payment processing services are cost-effective and appropriate for their businesses. If you will take a little time and get to know us, we will make it worthwhile for you and for your clients. We take the time to learn about their businesses and find the right solutions for them. We will make you look good for referring us.

We invite you to learn more about us, our solutions, and the benefits of working with us. If you are interested in learning about VeriCheck’s  referral partner programs, please fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch with you very soon.