ACH Return Codes (R34 – R84)

R34 Limited Participation D.F.I.
R35 Return of Improper Debit Entry
R36 Return of Improper Credit Entry
R37 Source Document Presented for Payment (adjustment entries) (A.R.C.)
R38 Stop Payment on Source Document (adjustment entries)
R39 Improper Source Document
R40 Non Participant in E.N.R. Program
R41 Invalid Transaction Code (E.N.R. only)
R42 Routing Number/Check Digit Error
R43 Invalid D.F.I. Account Number
R44 Invalid Individual I.D. Number
R45 Invalid Individual Name
R46 Invalid Representative Payee Indicator
R47 Duplicate Enrollment
R50 State Law Prohibits Truncated Checks
R51 Notice not Provided/Signature not Authentic/Item Altered/Ineligible for Conversion
R52 Stop Pay on Item
R53 Item and A.C.H. Entry Presented for Payment
R61 Misrouted Return
R67 Duplicate Return
R68 Untimely Return
R69 Field Errors
R70 Permissible Return Entry Not Accepted
R71 Misrouted Dishonor Return
R72 Untimely Dishonored Return
R73 Timely Original Return
R74 Corrected Return
R75 Original Return not a Duplicate
R76 No Errors Found
R80 Cross-Border Payment Coding Error
R81 Non-Participant in Cross-Border Program
R82 Invalid Foreign Receiving D.F.I. Identification
R83 Foreign Receiving D.F.I. Unable to Settle
R84 Entry Not Processed by O.G.O.