VeriCheck® allows merchants to accept check payments with confidence

VeriCheck merchants rely on our check payment recovery system for reassurance that everything that can possibly be done to ensure that they are paid is done.

In the US, slightly more than 2% of checks written to retail businesses, and 1% of checks overall are returned unpaid. Recovery rates vary, but, on average, Merchants ultimately recover less than half of these items. Much of this money is readily recoverable by VeriCheck’s electronic NSF recovery services. This service eliminates you, the merchant, from having to try and collect on a returned check. VeriCheck will pursue recovery of the check to the fullest extent of the law at no additional cost to your organization!

Paper Check Recovery

We provide free check recovery for all enrolled merchants.

When checks are returned our team of professionals will collect the funds from the customer for you. We flag customers with unpaid items in our system and pursue the customer until the debt is paid. No financial burden falls on the merchant for these services but the customer pays a small collection fee.

Electronic Payment Recovery

Our Electronic Payment Recovery solution is a free service provided to all VeriCheck clients.

When a payment is returned, our system allows exclusive access for merchants to re-initiate a charge to the customer’s account.