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Many fitness and martial arts centers, regardless of size, struggle with accounts receivable. Owners recognize that one of the most frustrating parts of running their business is collecting monthly membership fees, maintaining on-time payments, and managing customer information. Not only is this frustrating, but it is detrimental to cash flow and the resource management process. VeriCheck understands the needs of the fitness industry and provides ACH (Automated Clearing House) solutions as an efficient payment and customer management option. ACH payments provide fitness and martial arts owners the ability to deduct funds directly from a member’s bank account.

Leveraging an ACH payment processing solution can also save you money – processing monthly membership payments via ACH costs a fraction of the fee for processing credit cards. Depending on the size of your fitness studio or gym, you may be paying upwards of $500 or $1,000 each month to process credit cards. VeriCheck’s ACH solutions provide flexibility to design a customized solution for gyms of all types and sizes, and can help you cut costs while scaling your business.

Who Does VeriCheck Assist in the Fitness Industry?
VeriCheck’s custom ACH offerings allow gyms and studios to integrate an ACH solution directly into a website or payment portal to securely streamline payments.

VeriCheck uses proven efficiency and industry expertise to provide valuable solutions for payment processing in the health and fitness industry. We work with the following entities:

  • Martial arts studios
  • Franchised fitness studios
  • Chain health clubs
  • Spin, yoga, Pilates and barre studios
  • Boot camps

How Does VeriCheck Benefit Fitness Clubs and Studios?
VeriCheck’s ACH and eCheck payment processing is designed to seamlessly and securely transfer funds to keep the most important piece of business moving. By processing payments through ACH, gym and studio owners have greater control over payments and are able to increase payment accuracy, improve forecasting, and access funds with greater speed and visibility.

With ACH, payments are submitted immediately, providing the opportunity for owners to focus on helping customers reach their goals.

Benefits for companies in the fitness industry include:

  • Simplified collections, cash flow and forecasting abilities
  • Reduced processing fees
  • Simplify recurring billing
  • Streamline receivables
  • Improve staff efficiency and functionality
  • Reduced loss due to risk or chargebacks
  • Less paperwork
  • Improved customer service

What Services Does VeriCheck Offer?
With an ACH payment processing solution, you can simply debit your customer’s bank account for payments. Whether you are a Fortune 50 corporation or a small business, VeriCheck’s solutions are guaranteed to save you time and money.

Fitness club, gym and martial arts studio owners benefit from our comprehensive offerings, which include:

  • Custom API for simple integration to existing software
  • Payment assurance
  • Set up customers on automatic payment plans by using the recurring billing feature
  • Store customer and payment information in a secure and compliant web database
  • Ability to accept ACH payments and eChecks
  • Enable customers to pay on the website or by phone
  • Set up customized access control to allow customized views for each user under a single account

With VeriCheck, fitness clubs, martial arts studios and gyms can process all their payments easily and conveniently through one simple and secure system. Now that’s a healthy program! Contact us for a live demo today.