Enter in check data and process checks electronically!

With the VeriCheck system, your business will have the ability to use information from customer checks to initiate charges against that customer’s savings or checking account.

Our system is also designed to process payments against corporate or business checking accounts for Business-to-Business payments.

What you need to know:

There are many ways to get the information you need to initiate a payment against a customer’s account.

A customer can enter their information in a secure payment form located on your website (we provide a form builder and host the form using encryption).

Payment information can be given in person, online, by email, or by fax


Customers can call in and give their information to you or a representative of your business over the phone.

In all cases, proper authorizations must be obtained from the customer. Authorizations requirements are different for each different transaction type, for more information contact an authorized VeriCheck reseller or contact us directly by email, contact form, or telephone.

Online eCheck Processing Features:

  • Comprehensive online paperless check processing – saves businesses the expense and difficulty of implementing a turnkey payment processing solution. VeriCheck® provides all the service and functionality a business needs to start accepting checks online.
  • Low cost, low implementation – paperless check processing does not require a traditional merchant account, therefore businesses enjoy lower processing and transaction fees.
  • VeriCheck® – provides enterprise back-office services featuring robust reporting and reconciliation options. VeriCheck® provides businesses the tools they need to effectively manage their business.
  • Industrial-strength security screening – ensures customers 100% online purchasing security over secure socket layer (SSL).
  • Fraud and Risk Management- customizable fraud and risk management system that allows businesses to employ an optimal level of protection for their business. The result is maximized sales and minimized risk.
  • Dedicated support – provides advanced and reliable client support. VeriCheck® gives businesses the personal attention and responsiveness they need to successfully engage in commerce.