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Every month property management companies spend a great deal of time and energy collecting rent from tenants in numerous forms of payments; and the costs for accepting, processing and depositing checks continue to escalate. Because of this, many rental properties are moving away from accepting cash and money orders in the rental office to make it easier to track payments. To support this shift, VeriCheck offers complete, custom ACH (Automated Clearing House) solutions with an API integration to link payment processing functionality directly into existing software, website or other applications to set up automatic payments and streamline operations.

By utilizing a recurring payment option, companies in the property management ecosystem can enjoy consistent, predictable streams of revenue without staff members spending time chasing rent payments. VeriCheck’s ACH solutions also provide renters convenience and peace of mind knowing that their rent will be paid automatically and on-time, thus avoiding late fees and other hassles.

Who Does VeriCheck Assist in the Property Management Industry?
VeriCheck provides customizable ACH and eCheck payment solutions to property management companies and property management software solution providers.

VeriCheck uses industry expertise to provide efficient and valuable solutions for payment processing in the property management industry. We work with the following entities:

  • Apartment communities
  • Neighborhood associations and homeowners’ associations (HOA)
  • Landlords
  • Industry software providers
  • Third-party property management companies

How Does VeriCheck Benefit Property Management Companies?
VeriCheck’s ACH payment processing is designed to manage transactions smoothly and quickly so property managers can focus on their core responsibilities. ACH also allows property management companies to cut down on the use of paper and drive efficiencies to ensure that payments are made on time.

Benefits for companies in the property management industry include:

  • Simplified collections, cash flow and forecasting abilities
  • Streamlined receivables
  • Improved office efficiency and functionality
  • Reduced loss due to risk or chargebacks
  • Less paperwork
  • Improved customer service

Automated billing direct from bank accounts allows staff member time to be redirected away from processing and handling finances to focusing on enhancing customer experiences.

What Services Does VeriCheck Offer?
With a ACH payment processing solution, you can simply debit your renters’ banking account for any outstanding balances. The ACH option will help you save time without chasing people for uncollected receivables.

Property owners and managers benefit from our comprehensive offerings, including:

  • Custom API for simple integration to existing software
  • Payment assurance
  • Set up renters on automatic payment plans by using the recurring billing feature
  • Store renters’ personal and payment information in a secure and compliant web database
  • Ability to accept ACH payments and eChecks
  • Enable customers to pay on the website or by phone
  • Set up customized access control to allow customized views for each user under a single account

Contact us today for a live demo of how VeriCheck can help your business.