Recurring eCheck Billing

Setting up customers for recurring or subscription billing is easy with VeriCheck®

Our system allows you to enter in the customer’s payment information, billing frequency, and the date that you want the billing to occur inside their customer profile. Once the information has been entered into the client’s billing profile our system automatically bills the customer and deposits the funds into your bank account!

You can view all recurring payment history in the customer’s profile and with our real-time reports you have the capability to see the dates and amounts of future payments.

Even when the billing amounts change regularly, our recurring billing system allows you to import and update customers and billing information with ease, improving operating efficiency and manual processes.

Improve Billing Efficiency – Once recurring billing is set up, no further labor is required through the life of the subscription, “set it, and forget it.”

Enhance Flexibility – Recurring billing allows you to provide a hassle free billing method for your customers. You set the recurring paramaters based on your own specifications.

Cost Reduction – Recurring billing allows your company to reduce costs associated with manual billing. VeriCheck provides our recurring billing function at no additional cost to our merchants.

Top Tier Security Compliance – Store  customer payment information in our secure and compliant online system. VeriCheck® eliminates the need for your business to store sensitive customer payment information locally.