Picture this scenario : It’s the first of the month and you still have not set up recurring billing. You find yourself sending out invoices to all your customers hoping that they will submit their payments the same day or at the very least that same week. To only have those payments trickle into your account at unpredictable times.

Not only is this frustrating, and detrimental to your cash flow, it’s just plain inefficient.

Recurring billing has many benefits and can help you gain better control of your receivables


  • One item less on your To-Do List!


Your To-Do list is jam-packed with deadlines, meetings, e-mails to be sent,  and phone calls to make. Let’s face it, you might have even let an invoice slip by your billing schedule in the past. You can set your customer payments to go out to you automatically at the same time every month or a payment rate that fits with your business model. This way you are secure that with recurring billing you will know when you will be paid for your services.


  • Easy to Use!


Setting up recurring billing is very simple. The primary benefit of recurring billing is the convenient, secure, and efficient process. All you need is your customer’s authorization, contact and payment information. You can process recurring billing via ACH or credits cards, just ask your customers what works for them. Today, customers expect convenient and flexible services that cater to their needs and budget. With recurring billing, you can set up a schedule that ensures the customers pay on time, every time.

  • Secure!


Both you, and your customers can rest assured that your personal information will be kept safe and secure.  By setting up your clients on recurring billing you will have no need to send sensitive paperwork with private banking details.

Recurring billing improves customer retention when you aren’t always reminding customers to write you a check.  The benefits of recurring billing system are no more late payments and no lost checks. Merchants can enjoy a reliable and controlled cash flow.

If you need some help with keeping on top of your billing schedule and want to see an improvement in the cash flow of your business then recurring billing is a perfect solution for you.


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