Integrating ACH processing capabilities? It’s easy to do with VeriCheck! Here are a few reasons why you should join us as a strategic partner:

  • API in all major programming languages
  • Easy payment options are attractive to potential customers
  • Makes your product stickier – the more involved the client is in the product, the longer they’ll stick around
  • It’s an advantage over competition that doesn’t offer it
  • Allows you to easily add an additional revenue stream as you’ll make money for the lifetime of the client


All items are verified instantly when calls are made to our API through your program. Credit Card Processing can also be integrated through the same API.

VeriCheck ensures that you’ll have the necessary tools for a seamless integration. That plus you’ll reduce costs and time to market because there’s no need to work with multiple providers. Access to our comprehensive payment processing services means you can pick and choose what you want your clients to get.

Our platform can give you everything you need to include ACH transactions:

  • Completely Web-based
  • Multiple ACH transaction types
  • Customer Service Access for Merchants
  • Check Conversion and image storage
  • Extensive Search Capabilities
  • Full XML Integration capabilities
  • Batch File Management and Storage
  • Monthly Fee Settlement


To learn more, including technical requirements, please contact our business development department at 877.885.0622