Introduction to Support Wiki

The USAePay Wiki provides a wealth of documentation for developers, merchant and resellers wishing to integrate their website, pos application or third party software.

  1. Developing a payment processing application is a careful and tedious task. Merchant Services requires cooperation of several different entities such as a Merchant Bank, a Merchant Service Provider, a Processing Platform, the issuing Credit Card company, a Merchant and their developer, and of course us the USAePay gateway.
  2. how to use this document:
    1. This document is meant for reference and does not follow a step by step pattern.
  3. Further documentation: HTML Tutorialall about POST & all about GET, all about SOAP

Connecting/Integrating Your Application

  1. System Requirements
    1. A Web Server capable of making requests over port 80 (http) and port 443 (https).
  2. Source Keys
  3. Choosing an API (API Comparison)
  4. Sandbox Server
    1. Error Checking
    2. Shopping Cart & eStore
  5. Implementing
      1. Receipt Printing
    1. Recurring Billing {added some content}
  6. Updating
    1. Developer Newsletters: {added}
    2. Specific Application and Library Releases:
  7. Appendixes
    1. Glossary of Terms {added} [needs to be checked for missing terms]
    2. Frequently Asked Questions [what are they?]
      1. Q: Is USAePay a terminal capture system or host capture system? A: Terminal Capture
    3. Troubleshooting