VeriCheck will process all ACH debit payments for municipalities through MUNIRevs’ platform

ATLANTA AND DURANGO, COLO. – (August 11, 2020) – VeriCheck, Inc. (VCI), a bank-sponsored ACH payment processing company that specializes in building custom payment solutions to streamline business operations, today announces its partnership with MUNIRevs, a tax collection software that collects millions of dollars per month for municipalities across the United States. In this engagement, VCI is the preferred partner for all ACH debit payments processed through MUNIRevs’ specialized software.

“MUNIRevs has been working with VeriCheck for nearly 10 years,” said Erin Neer, founder and CEO of MUNIRevs. “The level of expertise and collaboration that VeriCheck brings allows us to move quickly to help municipalities collect as much tax revenue online as possible.”

MUNIRevs provides municipalities and government organizations with an automated paperless tool to collect taxes. On average, MUNIRevs clients are 95 percent paperless, which eliminates manually entered data, enhances revenue, automates deposits and empowers each community to make data-driven decisions for their communities.

“By adding in VCI’s ACH processing capabilities to MUNIRev’s software, remitters will experience the convenience of on-time payments debited directly from their bank account, and cities will be able to both reduce payment processing fees and get paid faster,” said Ash Patel, President and CEO of Commercial Bank of California, the parent company of VeriCheck.

VCI has nearly 30 years of experience in optimizing payment processing operations for businesses of all sizes across the United States. The company’s proprietary online platform and REST API allows for seamless integrations to powerful solutions that support the evolving needs of businesses. Through its technology, VCI can offer industry-best security, off-the-shelf solutions and customizable products, and U.S.-based support to help grow client businesses and scale its partners’ bottom lines.

“We are proud to support MUNIRevs’ growth and streamline its clients’ operations,” said Patel. “As a bank-sponsored payments platform, VCI is financially secure and able to invest in growing our partnerships with innovative companies like this.”

MUNIRevs has already deployed VCI’s solutions to various state agency projects in Colorado and Alaska. “Together, we have delivered over $1 billion in tax dollars to taxing authorities in the most automated process possible,” said Neer. “This preferred partnership with VCI will open more doors for not only our respective companies, but also provide municipalities with greater control of their revenue and increased cost savings.”

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MUNIRevs automates business revenue collection for towns, cities, and states across the U.S. With extensive experience in municipal finance, the MUNIRevs team has revolutionized business tax and licensing processes. It is the trusted source for secure, paperless payment processing, helping cities and states eliminate approximately 95 percent of the manual data entry tasks. Since it was founded in 2011, MUNIRevs has processed more than $1 billion in tax revenues for its clients and more than 50,000 businesses trust MUNIRevs for tax remittance. For more information, visit