WEB – Internet-Initiated Entry — For the origination of debit entries (recurring or Single-Entry) to a consumer’s account pursuant to an authorization that is obtained from the Receiver via the Internet.

How to Authorize:

  1. Include NACHA mandated language in the Terms and Conditions field.
  2. Enable your customer to view and print a receipt immediately after submitting the payment form that contains:
    • Full details of the schedule (payment amount, frequency, start date, end date or # of payments).
    • A confirmation # for any transaction processed as part of the schedule when it was entered.
  3. Email a receipt to your customer for each transaction processed as part of the schedule, CC yourself, and keep a copy of the email for 2 years.
  4. Notify your customer in advance of any change to the schedule payment amount (or payment range) or frequency.

for more information on WEB transactions please visit NACHA’s page on WEB transactions: https://www.nacha.org/node/1287