Empowering you to make an educated decision on which customer checks you will accept

VeriCheck’s Verification program allows you (the merchant) to track a combination of variables and provides numerous ways to help minimize and prevent your exposure to the intentional bad check writer.

Here’s how it works:

For both POS and Online Checks (Internet originated) VeriCheck verifies the check’s routing number and account number, along with the customer’s information. The information is then checked against a positive and negative database to ensure the check writer does not have unresolved returned checks.

Negative Database: Verifies the bank account number is not in a fraudulent or bad account database

Positive Database: Verifies the customer and bank account through a successful check transaction database

Consumer Database: Verifies the customer is not on a “who’s who” list of bad check writers

In the US, slightly more than 2% of checks written to retail businesses, and 1% of checks overall are returned unpaid. Recovery rates vary, but, on average, Merchants ultimately recover less than half of these items. Much of this money is readily recoverable by VeriCheck’s electronic NSF recovery services. Included in our check verification service is this check recovery system. This service eliminates you, the merchant, from having to try and collect on a returned check. VeriCheck will pursue recovery of the check to the fullest extent of the law at no additional cost to your organization!

VeriCheck’s prevention system is as strong as it recovery service. Our database enables you to track a combination of variables providing a number of ways to decrease your exposure to the intentional bad check writer. A few variables include:

  •  The number of checks written within a specified period of time
  •  The total dollar amount of checks written within a time period
  •  or a combination of both.

VeriCheck’s services give you the power to decide whether or not to accept a particular check.

  •  Merchant controlled risk parameters.
  •  Eliminate in-house collection of returned checks – VeriCheck check recovery system will collect the returned check for you.
  •  Reduce the amount of returned checks.
  •  No cost check recovery service